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Aviva Community Fund 2014 PDF Print E-mail


Critter Care's admission rates for fawns and bear cubs increase yearly, especially this year.


We need to enlarge our fawn enclosure to accommodate this, and modify/enlarge an existing enclosure to create additional bear cub housing.


You've helped us get to the second level for the Aviva Community Funding campaign by giving us 5 minutes per day to vote, and by bringing your friends and loved ones along to help.  Now, we're asking you for 5 minutes per day for the next fifteen days to help us get into the final stage for the funding of our new and modified enclosures.


Th Aviva campaign has 3 rounds of voting. Round 1 ended Monday October 13 (Bless you and thank you for helping us through that!!); Round 2 runs from Oct 20 - Nov 3, a total of 15 days; and Round 3 runs from Nov 10 - Nov 24, for 14 days.


Voting takes 5 minutes if you click on the link below, sign in, and then click the Vote button for us: that's one hour and 15 minutes of your time for this round, at 5 minutes per day.


This is more challenging to do than you might think: your hour and 15 minutes of effort won't be child's play to get done. But WE know that you are a force to be reckoned with when you commit to helping, so we're asking for your help: please vote every day during this round and help us win the funds to help our animals.


To win the funding, we need you to vote every day between now and Monday, November the 3rd.  And if you can ask your friends and family members to help too, that will lift everyone's spirits and help tremendously.  That's 15 days - five minutes per day, to help us help our critters tremendously!


Together, one day and one click at a time, we can make miracles happen.



To Vote,

1. Click on this link.

2. Click on the "vote now" button

3. Put a reminder in your calendar to do it again tomorrow!



Thank you  for"clicking for cash"!



Critter Care Wildlife Society provides short and long term care to native mammal species and, through rehabilitation and public education, helps prevent suffering of injured and orphaned wildlife.