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Best wishes for a Happy New Year in 2015! 


Critter Care Wildlife Society specializes in the treatment, care and release of sick, injured and orphaned Native Mammal species of British Columbia's Southern and Lower Mainland. We are the only facility in BC specializing in the care of mammals and one of only four Bear Rehab facilities in the province.

In addition to rehabilitation we are  involved in community based education programs at primary, secondary, and collegiate levels.  We also work to educate the public through involvement in civic groups, seniors homes and  assist other wildlife managment organizations. Our internship program has reached a new landmark this year extending invitations to more than 25 collegiate or post graduate students from every continent on the planet but Antarctica!

For the last 26 years we have been a part of the Greater British Columbia Community serving its people and its wildlife through education and rehabilitation.  We are principally  volunteer driven and depend soley on the support of the public to further our success and we thank you for your continued generosity.


Critter Care Wildlife Society provides short and long term care to native mammal species and, through rehabilitation and public education, helps prevent suffering of injured and orphaned wildlife.